Our Ranch

Welcome to Corvus Land & Cattle, the ranch behind Texas Beef Boxes. We take immense pride in providing you with the finest Wagyu beef, handcrafted with care from our family-owned ranch. With nearly four decades of experience through three generations, we've been dedicated to raising cattle, and for the past 13 years, specifically Wagyu.

The Wagyu Difference

The last 13 years have been transformative for us. We've transitioned to breeding Wagyu cattle, renowned for their unparalleled beef quality. Every step of our cattle's journey, from pasture to plate, is marked by a commitment to excellence. The result is a dining experience like no other – tender, marbled, and exceptionally flavorful beef that has become synonymous with Wagyu.

The Land We Call Home

Our story begins with a deep-rooted connection to the land. For almost 40 years, our family has nurtured and cared for our ranch, creating a legacy built on love for both the land and the animals that call it home. The journey began when my grandfather acquired the sprawling expanse that is now our ranch, with each generation adding to it as the years go by, a testament to our family's enduring commitment to the soil beneath our feet. We don't see ourselves merely as users of the land; rather, we are impassioned improvers, cultivating a legacy that is both a reflection of our love for the earth and a pledge to enhance it for the generations to come.

For almost 40 years, our family has not only managed the land but nurtured it, understanding that the relationship between rancher and terrain is a symbiotic one. We've embraced sustainable practices, drawing inspiration from the land's natural rhythm. It's a philosophy deeply rooted in the belief that we are custodians of this vast expanse, entrusted with the responsibility to leave it better than we found it.

Every acre tells a story of careful tending, each blade of grass a testament to our commitment to the well-being of both the land and the animals that call it home. Our heritage is woven into the very fabric of the ranch, and we take pride in being more than caretakers – we are guardians, dedicated to preserving the integrity of this space for the future.

As we look back over these decades, we see not just the passing of time but a narrative of growth, adaptability, and a continuous striving for harmony with nature. Our heritage is not just about the past; it's a living legacy that shapes our present actions and fuels our aspirations for a sustainable and thriving future. Join us in celebrating this journey, where every hoofprint and sunrise is a testament to our enduring connection with the land.

A Holistic Approach

At Corvus Land & Cattle, we're inspired by the pioneering work of Allan Savory and his holistic management principles. Our commitment to a holistic approach to cattle management goes beyond quality beef; it extends to our responsibility to the land. We believe in running more cattle while enhancing the long-term health of our ranch. Our approach ensures that the land remains vibrant, fertile, and sustainable for generations to come.


Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us; it's a way of life. We're passionate about leaving a positive impact on the environment. Our holistic practices are not just about nourishing our cattle but also preserving the beauty and biodiversity of our ranch.

Our Promise

When you choose Texas Beef Boxes, you're not just selecting premium beef; you're supporting a legacy, a way of life, and a commitment to quality and sustainability that runs as deep as our family roots. We promise to deliver the best of our ranch directly to your door, ensuring a dining experience that is as exceptional as the land that inspires us.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to sharing the flavors of our heritage with you.