The cornerstone of our operation. From the careful breeding of our cattle to the meticulous handling of our beef, we ensure every cut meets the highest standards of excellence.


We are dedicated to sustainable ranching practices, ensuring the well-being of our cattle and the longevity of the land they graze upon.

Animal Care

Our commitment to animal care is unwavering, providing our cattle with the utmost attention, proper nutrition, and a comfortable environment to thrive.


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Quality, Consistency, Convenience

Our Guarantees

Our Guarantees


A Wagyu steak doesn't have to break the bank; it doesn't have to be a special occasion, $200 dollar a plate night. With our Wagyu boxes, you get over 20 meals for the price of a typical Wagyu steak at a restaurant. All our beef is 21 day dry aged to ensure a top quality product for our customers.


We don't box every steer: if they don't meet our intramuscular fat score standards, they don't make the cut. You know every time you open a Texas Beef Box, you will be greeted with top marbling Wagyu beef.


Don't waste time looking for an over-priced steak at a store. We overnight our boxes so our gourmet Wagyu arrives at your door, fresh-frozen in top quality.


Subscribers receive 10% off each box!


With more essential fatty acids than typical beef, Wagyu isn't just flavorful, it can actually decrease your risk for heart disease!


"So much flavor. THAT is what beef should taste like... That's what beef used to taste like until ranchers and processors stopped giving a s***"

Jake G., Executive Chef of 3 Houston Steakhouses

The flavor was amazing! Kids won't stop asking for beef burgers and spaghetti, the Wagyu was a big hit! Tasted so fresh and packaging so clean.

Aneel H. and family of 5
Dallas, TX

Ordered a box and a brisket for a party we were hosting for clients. Knocked it out of the park, beef looked incredible and taste just as good.

Ryden H.
Tampa Bay, FL